Committee Stars

Society Stars Criteria

Activities Star

1. At least 3 committee members attend training
- This could be the training day or training sessions run throughout the year

2. Complete your Society Constitution.
- How SMART can you make your targets for the year?

3. Write up a plan of activities/events for the year
- Include roughly how much each event will cost

4. Engage with your Societies Officer at least twice a term
- They will organise regular meetings throughout the year or contact you via social media/email

5. Provide opportunities for your members to feed into the running of your Society
- This could be at your AGM, at an EGM or via the Polls function on your society page

6. Complete a thorough handover with the new committee, including creating a detailed handover document
- This could also include shadowing, a handover meeting or a year wash-up with your new committee





Fundraising and Volunteering Star

1. Promote a charity or fundraising event to your members
- How can you get your members involved in supporting local, national and international causes?

2. Fundraise for your society or a society project
- Extra funds for your society are always useful! You can crowdfund via the University's fundraising platform

3. Collaborate with another society for a charity event
- Reach out and work together to raise awareness or money and increase your fundraising efforts

4. Raise £200 for a charity of your members' choice
-Have a target for your members to work towards. No idea is too big or too small!

5. Get involved in volunteering opportunities or create opportunities for your members to volunteer at society events. 
- This could be anything from advertising opportunities to asking members to get involved in a project!

6. Log 100 volunteer hours between your committee
- Anything from planning your events to committee meetings counts as volunteering your time.


Inclusivity Star

1.Detail any accessibility information on your event promotion
- Can you make your event accessible to all? Think about physical, financial and sensory barriers your members might face.

2. Discuss with your DVPs your ideas for how to make your society more inclusive
- There are DVPs for Equality, Wellbeing, International, Democracy and Governance and Societies. How can you address all of these areas?

3. Hold at least 2 non-alcoholic events per term
- Not all of your members might be comfortable drinking, and non-alcoholic events are just as fun!

4. Hold at least 2 free events per term
- Free events mean there are no financial barriers to your members getting involved in your events

5. Get involved in a campaign or event that tackles a diversity issue
- This could be anything from joining an Equality Panel to taking part in a campaign like Black History Month

6. Introduce a Welfare Scheme or initiative in your society
- This could be a Mentor or Family Scheme or holding 'Meet the Society' events. Encourage your committee to reach out to new members.


Social Star

1. Hold a social every month for a term
- Socials are a great way for new members to meet each other!

2. Hold an event in a space on Streatham or St Luke's campus
- All these spaces are free to use and there are some great deals on food and drink at campus outlets.

3. Hold an event your society hasn't done before
- Ask your members what new events they want to see. You can also apply for a grant for new events!

4. Hold an event in collaboration with another society
- A great way to meet new people and host larger events

5. Hold an end of term celebration event
- This doesn't have to be big, but it's a great way to round up the term!

6. Hold an event every week
- A bit harder than once a month, but it gives great value for money to your members!






Sustainability Star

1. Introduce a loyalty scheme or initiative to encourage your members to come to regular events
- This could involve an incentive such as attend 10 events and attend one for free or a members award on social media.

2. Discourage single-use plastics as part of your events
- Could you host a plastic free event or run a campaign about single use plastics? Or could you introduce an initiative to prevent members having to use single use plastic?

3. Discuss your long-term goals for your society with your members.
- How will you ensure your society sustains its membership next year? You could use a feedback survey to ask members what they want to see

4. Hold an event with no disposable waste or donate used items after your events
- Could you use only reusable items or upcycle equipment from past events? Could you donate used equipment to charity or to other societies?

5. Get involved with or run a sustainability campaign
- Could you encourage your members to sign up to a Guild campaign, such as Go Green Week or Student Volunteering Week? Talk to your DVP Sustainability if you need ideas

6.  Go paper free with your promotion
- How creative can you be with reusable promotional materials? Using social media is a great way to avoid paper wastage 




Voice Star

1. Promote Academic Representation to your members
- Even if you're not an academic society, all your student members will have an academic representative

2. Contact your Society Officer with a suggestion for improving the society experience
- These are elected officers representing your concerns to the Guild so why not give them your ideas on how your society can be supported better!

3. Advertise the Guild Councils to your members and encourage them to attend a meeting
- All council meetings are open to all students to bring forward any concerns or ideas or find out about the issues being discussed affecting the student experience

4. Actively encourage your members to vote in the Guild Elections
- These elections decide who is running the Guild, so encourage your members to have their say on who becomes the next Full Time Officers and your Societies Officers.

5. Hold an online election to elect your next committee
- It's important that those running the society are the ones your members want and that the format in which the committee can be elected is accessible and fair to all members.

6. Support or take part in a Guild campaign as a society
- This could be anything from Estranged Students Week, Black History Month, Wellbeing Week, Welcome Team, Refreshers etc 

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