In Person Activity

Update: 10/09/2021

Update: 10/09/2021

In Person Activity Going Forward

Update: 10/09/2021

All event/activities ran by a society need to be submitted to the Activities System for approval.

This includes but is not limited to: Classes | Trips | Balls | Talks | Externally organised events

The Activities System is located in your admin area under Activities with the image of a rocket.

To submit a new activity/event follow the following steps:

  1. Select All Activities
  2. Select New Activities
  3. Complete the form with the activity/event’s details and select Save and Submit.
  4. On the next page complete the Activity Risk Assessment form listed. You do not need to complete the Attendee List Form.
  5. Please ensure you consider Covid-19 in your Risk Assessment and endeavour to minimise the risk of spreading.
  6. For specialist events including: Speaker | Trips abroad or in the UK – you’ll need to add and complete an extra form by selecting Add form.

Once set up the activity/event will be forwarded to the Activities Team for approval. If there is a query regarding your activity/event, you will be emailed and asked to make any changes.

Further information on submitting events/activities can be found here:

Upcoming updates:

Annual Risk Assessments:

We are introducing annual risk assessments to reduce the number of risk assessments societies need to do for repeat activities.

Annual risk assessment Guidance can be found here:

Annual risk assessment Template can be found here:

Submit your Annual Risk Assessment here. We’ll let you know when approved and send you a signed copy. We recommend each society stores their approved assesments in their Resources space located in their admin area. 

Once approved, if you submit an event of this type you can replace stage 4 above with: Add “covered by annual risk assessment” in the notes.

Risk Assessment System update:

During term 1 we will be updating our risk assessment to a more user friendly format. We will aim to let society committees know by email when this in taking place, and provide training/guidance alongside it.

This update will not make any changes to the submission process and remain at the same location within the submission process.

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