Get Connected Grant

Apply for funding for your virtual event!

Apply for funding for your virtual event!

What is the Get Connected grant? 

The Get Connected Grant, provides societies and groups with the opportunity to apply for funding to fund an event that provides students with the opportunity to make connections. The core aims of the Get Connected campaign, are to provide students with the opportunity to engage in activity and opportunities, to immerse them in their university community. Applications for this grant, must align with campaign aims, and show clearly how they will contribute to achieving this.  

Please ensure you have read the below criteria before submitting your application. 

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis

How much can I apply for? 

Groups can apply for funding up to £500 for a Get Connected Grant. 

The group is expected to contribute at least 10% of the total cost of the event or project. This could be a society subsidy or through other means, such as fundraising. 

VP Activities has full discretion over the amount awarded, so follow the guidelines below to make sure your application really explains how you are using the money. 

The following conditions must be met for an application to be considered:

  • The society or group is affiliated to the University of Exeter Students' Guild or is awaiting a decision on a submitted affiliation application 

  • The application is not made retrospectively

  • The funding will benefit the society or group and its members as a whole, rather than individual members 

  • The application must not overlap with other current grant applications, this includes collaborative events which cannot be applied for by more than one society 

What is eligible for a Society Grant? 

  • An event, or project for your society which goes beyond your core activity and meets the aims of the Get Connected Campaign.  

  • A new initiative or element for existing projects or regular events to meet the aims of the Get Connected Campaign 

  • Costs incurred by collaboration with other societies and/or external organisations as part of a project or event that meets the aims of the Get Connected Campaign 

What is not eligible for a Society Grant? 

  • Events, projects and equipment which are completely reliant on the grant, or which profit without using the grant.

  • Any aspect, including equipment, which is part of the core activity defined by the aims and objectives of the group (this should be funded by membership fees)

  • Replacing damaged or lost equipment

  • Events that only benefit a small number of people and are unlikely to impact positively on a wider network of people 

  • Donations to another organisation/charity 

  • Single-use promotional materials

  • Gifts for members or non-members of the Students' Guild

  • Events that do not meet the aims of the Get Connected Campaign 



Your Email

Your Group Name

What are you applying for funding for?

How much are you applying for? (Maximum £500)

Please describe the project and how it will be impacted by the grant? (Limit: 200 words)

How does this project/activity/event tie in with your group's aims and objectives? (Limit: 200 words)

How does this event or project meet the aims of the Get Connected Project? (Limit: 200 words)

How would this project be impacted if you didn't receive this grant? (Limit: 100 words)

A budget is required for your application to be considered. Please use the appropriate Guild budget template to submit a budget for the whole event and include this grant in the 'income' column, so we know how it fits in with your budget. Remember that VAT will not be charged on this grant.


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