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Find out more about fundraising at Exeter

Find out more about fundraising at Exeter

Every year Exeter students raise money for a variety of causes, helping make a positive difference to local, national and international communities. Whether you’ve been involved in fundraising before, or want to get involved and support causes you’re passionate about, we have a whole host of fundraising opportunities for you to get involved in. We have over 13 dedicated fundraising groups on campus, from Unicef to our Uniboob team, in addition to our student-led group, Exeter Raise and Give (RAG), organising a multitude of events and challenges for Exeter students to take part in! Alternatively, you can set up your own group to help a cause you want to support! The Activities team are here to help answer any questions you have or support you require with you fundraising efforts so don't hesitate to get in touch!  

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