University of Exeter Business School

Assessment and Feedback

Students would benefit from exam feedback, with suggestions being that group feedback sessions could be implemented. They would also benefit from more preparation for exams, with mock exams and answers being available.[1]

Students have noted that more needs to be done to ensure that deadlines are spread throughout the term and that different types of assessment are used, particularly noting that students feel they have too much group work.[2]

Group Work

Students would like to receive more guidance for group assessments as it is unclear in terms of the approach they should be taking.[3] They would also benefit from a review of the way group work is assessed to ensure that the contribution of each individual is taken into account in their mark.[4]

Students find it difficult to find group work spaces. There should be more designated group work spaces to reflect the number of group work assignments that students have.[5]

Further Opportunities

Students would benefit from employability support being offered right at the start of the year with a talk about how to find and use support for CV and Cover Letter writing, as well as how to explore all of the options that are available to them.[6] Students benefit from the experience of recent alumni for employability advice and would like there to be more use of alumni within employability events.[7] External speakers and industry experts should be invited to give employability talks, as well as being used within lectures to enhance learning.

The Business School provides a lot of support to students looking to apply for graduate schemes or internships and this should be replicated to support students in further study applications.[8]


Students would benefit from improved induction, programme identity and communication. 63% of undergraduate students agreed that their induction was very or quite helpful, illustrating that although many students appreciate the induction activity there is room for improvement.[9] 72% of postgraduate taught students agreed that they were given appropriate guidance and support upon starting their course.[10] To promote a sense of academic community and continuous development there should be welcome talks at the beginning of each academic year to update on developments over the summer and any year-specific information. Students would benefit from these talks including information about academic skills.[11]

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