College of Engineering, Maths and Physical Sciences


Students struggle with coursework congestion and conflicting deadlines. Students would like it to be a requirement that there must be a minimum of two weeks between the date coursework is set and the date coursework is due in. Deadlines should be more evenly spread, including the spread between term 1 and term 2.[1]

As well as coursework deadlines, there are complaints over exam distribution and the number of exams set in the January period compared to the longer June period.[2]

Students in Cornwall have questioned the quality of the feedback that they are receiving on major pieces of work. We would suggest a review be conducted within CEMPS around how larger pieces of work could have an extended feedback window, in a similar vein to dissertations. [3]

Study Space

There should be more group study space and computer rooms with the required software for CEMPS students. Some of the space in Harrison is under-utilised and could be turned into study space as there are spaces that are always empty. Students would appreciate a hot water tap and microwave in Harrison.[4]

Utilisation of the Geo-lab at the Penryn campus has been compromised due to high student numbers in the first year cohort. Although the lab was refurbished to have a capacity of 60, due to high student numbers when lectures are being delivered in the lab there is no room for other students to be working in there.[5]


Where lecture recordings are used, they are found to be useful by students, but the quality of the recordings should be better, particularly the quality of the sound. To assist staff in producing higher quality recordings, with clearer audio, there should be more staff training on using the facilities.[6]

Students would like to be able to access lecture notes from previous years. Currently they can only access material in line with where the current cohort are at in a module, students would like to be able to view all material at any time. Students would also benefit from a wider use of online resources such as using YouTube clips as a means to supplement learning and encourage continual learning outside of the lecture theatre.[7]

Module Selection

Students would benefit from more support in choosing their modules, including advice on which modules complement each other.[8] Students appreciate the experience of other students when choosing their modules and would benefit from both students and staff involved in module fairs to get a better overview of what modules entail. Students would also appreciate more information on the prerequisites for modules before selecting them.[9]

Employability Support

Students would benefit from increased employability support, including support in finding industrial placements. Employability events should be better publicised to students and should be more relevant to their disciplines.[10]

Students would like to be introduced to My Career Zone earlier in the academic year so that they are prepared for large company application deadlines in November. They would also benefit from having employability events scheduled at the start of term 1 as well as assessment centre and mock interviews in the first term, rather than throughout the year as many graduate schemes and placements close in December.[11]

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