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January Rep of the Month Nominations

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November Rep of the Month

The November Rep of the Month Award has now been decided by our Judging Panel. The November Rep of the Month Award Winner is...
Leo Webb!

Congratulations! Below is Leo’s Nomination:

Leo has shown exceptional commitment and dedication already this year. Despite only being in his first year he has actively represented his year group in SSLC meetings and Geography Council meetings. We have been undertaking a review of the dissertation process and Leo's commitment to lecture shout out etc has results in unprecedented responses from our first years. He wrote our SSLC section for our brand-new department newsletter and did an exceptional job. Leo is the type of Academic Rep that all Subject Chairs and departments what, we are very lucky and thankful for the effort he has put in already this year.

Leo will be receiving a personalised mug, a certificate, and a voucher for a free meal and drink at the Ram!

Honourable mentions go to:

  • Zoe Ringrow and Daisy Crisp, who for the second time received the most nominations for Rep of the Month. Their excellent website can be viewed here.
  • Abigail Taphouse for bringing attention to issues faced by her peers, presenting detailed feedback in meetings, and demonstrating active engagement with the Academic Representation system.
  • Paula Mazur for collecting detailed and constructive feedback from her peers, and effectively representing their interests across two SSLCs.

Nominations for the December Rep of the Month award are NOW OPEN, and will close on 31 December.

October Rep of the Month

The first Rep of the Month award winner has now been decided by our judging panel. The winner of the October Rep of the Month Award is...
Megan Williams!

Congratulations! Below is Megan’s Nomination:

Megan is lead subject rep for Chinese on the Modern Languages Subject Council. By the first meeting of the Modern Languages SSLC, she has already made her mark on the student experience in Modern Languages at Exeter. Based on feedback she received from her peers, she worked with the department to implement change in the levels of English spoken in language classes, ensuring that students get the most out of their classes, she also took this opportunity to discuss the effectiveness of textbooks used, and identify different options available to develop this. Megan has also used her own connections from her experience as a Modern Languages student to broker a new relationship between the university and an external party, creating an internship opportunity for other students. Megan has gone above and beyond the usual expectations of a rep, achieving so much even before the first formal meeting. At meetings, she continues this attitude, arriving with a pre-prepared page of notes of feedback collected from her course mates and contributing actively and productively to discussions.

Megan will be receiving a personalised mug, a certificate, and a voucher for a FREE meal and drink at the Ram.

Honourable mentions go to:

  • Bethan Neil: for creating and distributing a newsletter providing updates on progress made and topics addressed by the Subject Council and SSLC
  • Rupert Maclaren: For successful and engaging use of social media polls
  • Zoe Ringrow and Daisy Crisp: For creating a website allowing the students they represent to submit feedback and keep in touch about improvements/comments relating to the course

Nominations for the November Rep of the Month award will be open from 9:00 on Monday 12 November to 13:00 on Friday 23 November.

About the Rep of the Month Award

Starting this year, we will be piloting the ‘Rep of the Month’ Award. Our intention is to promote the work of Academic Representatives across colleges and subjects, recognise their achievements, and reward the work of reps who have shown an extraordinary commitment to their role. 

This award will be given to a rep who:

  • Collects feedback from students that is constructive, usable, balanced and representative
  • Collects feedback using innovative and creative ways that generates feedback as above
  • Presents feedback in a manner that is constructive, useable, balanced and representative
  • Presents feedback using innovative and creative ways that maximises its impact
  • Reports progress on received feedback to the students they represent, and does so in an effective and informative way

This award can be given to any Subject Rep or PGR Rep who has demonstrated the above qualities. This does not, however, include Subject Chairs and College Officers, as there will be Subject Chair and College Officer of the year awards given later in the Academic Year. 

The winner will recieve a number of prizes, and will be featured on the Guild Website. If you are unsure of your rep's names, cick here for a list of your subject's Academic Reps.

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