Terms and Conditions

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A statement of policy: behaviour.

1 - Any violation to the venue's terms and conditions or to Guild policy will render a ticket invalid. The Lemon Grove reserves the right to expel any attendee who does not obide by these set conditions. We have a zero-tolerance approach to violent behaviour and harrassment of any sort. Any and all incidents will be reported to the correct authority.

2 - Any student caught acting in an unreasoble and violent manner will automatically be banned from the venue for the academic year and will be reported to the University's disciplinary department.

3 - Our staff are here to provide a service at our events and under no circumstance will we accept any threattening behaviour towards them. Any such behaviour will result in expulsion and exclusion from the venue.

4 -  Sexual harrassment is #NeverOK.

5 - Any attempt to enter a venue without a valid ticket, without payment, or under someone else's name will result in expulsion and exclusion, and a ban from future use of the venue.





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