Guild President
Sunday Blake
I lead the Students’ Guild in line with our strategy, and oversee the team of Full-Time Officers. I sit on several senior boards in the University, ensuring students’ are heard at the highest level.

My Priorities

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Ensure that the Students' Guild and University of Exeter are effective organisations

Objective Desired Outcome

Develop an inclusive communications strategy to ensure every member is aware of and engaging in their Students' Guild  

  • Engagement in the Students’ Guild is facilitated by its presence on social media.
  • Students are empowered by the information and content shared.
  • Shared content is reflective of our membership.

Campaign for University processes to be inclusive, effective and accessible for all members, whilst ensuring the Students' Guild is leading by example

  • Students highlight their concerns directly to the Students’ Guild and work collaboratively to resolve issues.
  • The Students’ Guild is seen as a positive force and support for change on campus.
  • Students feel confident that our NUS affiliation or non-affiliation is democratically representative.
  • Students find the Guild’s communications more engaging.

Develop the student experience to ensure that every student values their time in Exeter 

Objective Disired Outcome
Maximise our influence to create change by liaising with key
partners to further the development of student experience,
rights and accessibility.
  • We have support in building on the identified key areas on student rights, experience and accessibility.
  • Issues impacting students and residents are worked on in collaboration and not in “us versus them” approach.
Work with the University, City Council and external providers
to improve the quality and experience of student housing.
  • Guild and Law School host events alerting students of their housing rights.
  • Attend more City Council meetings as President.
Work with the University to ensure that student demand is
adequately catered for on campus, including commercial
and employability related activities.
  • Students feel more part of the University community.
  • Students feel prepared for their post-University career.

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