Make a Change at Exeter Students' Guild


Elections and Democracy

The Guild holds elections for a number of different roles over the course of the year. There aren’t any elections that are live at the moment, but there will be early in the first term.

Every student can stand for election and cast their vote, so please come back to find out more about the posts that will be up for grabs! In the mean time, here are the dates to start marking in your diaries...

Academic Leaders Election

Academic Leaders are students who get elected to sit on their Subject staff/student liaison committee; to enable students to have a direct say in their own education and work in partnership with academic and administrative staff to improve their degree courses.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting was the last of its kind - a discussion of Company Business rather than a democratic forum there will be different methods of interacting with officers next year.

Sabbatical Election

Results: Click here

The Student Elections

If you are an EU national or an LGBT identifying student you may need to sign-up for memberships to take part in several elections.


University of Exeter Students' Guild is a Charity and Company limited Registered Charity Number: 1136468 Company Number: 7217324; registered in England and Wales Registered office: Devonshire House, Stocker Road, Exeter, EX4 4PZ