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Hannah Barton

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Jak Curtis-Rendall

Featured Events

Tue 29th April

Managing your student group online
29th April 2:30pm - 4pm
Activities & Volunteering Conference Room
Learn how to use the tools provided on the Students' Guild Website to manage your ghroup online. Find out how the tools available can help make your society more successful and make your life as a committee member easier.

Wed 30th April

Leadership and Conflict Resolution Training
30th April 1pm - 2:30pm
Activities and Volunteering Conference Room
A 1.5 hour interactive session for leaders – presidents, officers etc. looking at their role, what it includes, the challenges of leadership, discipline, encouragement and how to facilitate conflict resolution within their committee.

Thu 1st May

Big Academic Rep Hello
1st May 1pm - 5pm
Stretham Court A / Lemon Grove
The Academic Rep Hello is a celebratory event looking back on the achievements and changes made by our Reps this year. It is a fantastic opportunity for new Reps to meet current Reps in order to share good practice and build contacts.
Budgeting, Finance and VAT Training
1st May 2pm - 3:30pm
This is a 1.5 hour interactive session which covers budgeting for events, annual budgets and reforcasting, making payments, accounts, balances and VAT.


Update: Universities & Colleges Union (UCU) proposed marking boycott

Updated information regarding the planned marking boycott announced by UCU.

XTV return from NaSTA success

Student television station team return from National Student Television Awards.

Guild Awards to return for 2014

The Guild Awards is the event when we gather to celebrate the achievements of the incredible students whose dedication and commitment make the Students' Guild what it is.